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Chiropractic Miracles

Our Patients Speak

"I was brought up to believe that chiropractors were quacks. I have a friend who worked for a chiropractor and she used to tell me the benefits of chiropractic care. I started to have lower back pain and muscle tension a little over a year ago which led me to my first experience with chiropractic. I knew if I went to a medical doctor I would be given pain killers and muscle relaxants. I also knew I didn't want to take that route at all. I needed to get to the bottom of my problems and not mask them with medication. I was under care for three months and my body responded nicely to the spinal adjustments. When I moved to Florida last September I was feeling great and didn't feel I needed to continue with a chiropractor. Boy was I wrong!!! I began to have problems again this past July. This pain was much more severe than the previous year. Dr. Savion has done wonders with me. The sciatica pain is gone and I now know that I need to continue with my chiropractic care so that I can keep my spine in check and continue to live a healthy lifestyle."
P. Jacobs

"When I started my chiropractic care I had my doubts about it, since I had spent most of my life seeking help and/or relief from the extreme pain all over my back due to severe scoliosis. I went through pain killers, muscle relaxants, every kind of doctor, and no results or relief from my pain. Over the years it just kept getting worse. Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. There is light. After about 12 adjustments, I have NO PAIN, I feel GREAT, and I don't believe it. Call it luck/results or whatever you want. I call it my miracle. Thank You!"

"I was suffering from constant lower back pain that also traveled down my leg. The adjustments that Dr. Savion gave me straightened my spine so that the pressure was no longer on the sciatic nerve. My pain subsided after only a few adjustments. She educated me to the fact that I needed regular adjustments to keep the spine straight and the pain away. She alos introduced us to the Foot Levelers. They are so wonderful that I have already ordered a second pair to fit into a different style of shoes. Dr. Savion and her staff are always upbeat and such a joy to visit. We love to come here."

"Before I started going to Dr. Savion I had terrific pain in my buttox, lower back. I work two days a week and stand all day at my job. I learned that if my back started to hurt to pick up one leg and rest it higher than the other and it works. Dr. Savion took X-rays before she started any procedures with me and noticed in my X-rays there was a white area that she was concerned about and asked if I would take it to my primary care doctor, which I did. He sent me for a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvic. That scan came back good, but they found from taking that test that I have a nodule on my lower lung which they are going to watch, and I have to have a repeat CT scan in six months. Had it not been for Dr. Savion I would not have known I had anything wrong with my lung, but she took the time with me because she is very caring and concerned with her patients. Thank you Dr. Savion for caring about me."

"I first came to Dr. Savion when I hurt my back at work. I could barely walk and thought I would be out of work for a long time. This worried me because I am self-employed. Yet, within a few visits I was walking and within four days I was back to work. I could not be more thankful to Dr. Savion. I feel so much better and have more energy. I look forward to my visits with Dr. Savion. She is a wonderful person and very caring."

"I noticed after my first visit I was much more relaxed and as weeks went by I was feeling stronger all around. I no longer get back spasms and also am able to bend down easier. I never thought that the difference would be so obvious so quickly. This treatment does make a difference and is well worth it."

"As a yoga instructor and mother of three, my weekly adjustments bring me into balance. Initially, I came to Dr. Savion because I was in pain, but after just one visit she was able to alleviate it. I chose to continue on a plan, knowing that taking care of my spine was important. I look forward to my visits and am grateful to have found Pleasant Hill Family Chiropractic where I am treated like "family" and not just another patient. The care I receive here adds to my physical and mental health and I know I am a better teacher and mother for it. Thank You!"

"My lower back problems were limiting the amount of exercises I was able to perform. Two months later I am able to jog 3 miles, play basketball and weight train without having to take 4 days rest because of the pain. The care I have received from Dr. Savion has been very effective and professional. I will continue to drive an hour in the morning to make my appointments. Thank You!"